Upgrade to CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.1

To upgrade from CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0 to CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.1, you must uninstall your current OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.3, and perform a fresh install of OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.5.

Ensure that you have the following in CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0 before you perform the upgrade:

  • OpenShift Container Platform 4.3
  • CDP Private Cloud Experiences Base 7.1.3 cluster with a data lake cluster
  • Cloudera Manager 7.1.3
  • Single instance of CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0 installed on your OCP cluster
  • One or more environments registered in CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0
  • One of the registered environment has one or more Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) or Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) experience workspaces
  • Kubeconfig file for the OCP 4.3 cluster
  • Access to the Cloudera Private Cloud repositories (archive.cloudera.com)
  • Adminstrator access to OCP 4.3 and Privileged access to your external Vault
  1. Log in to your current CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0 Management Console, and delete all your CDW and CML experience workspaces.
  2. Delete all existing registered CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0 environments.
  3. Uninstall CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0 using Cloudera Manager.
    For more information about uninstalling CDP Private Cloud Experiences, see Uninstall CDP Private Cloud Experiences.
  4. Remove the configuration information related to CDP Private Cloud 1.0 in the external Vault and database.
    1. In your OCP 4.3 cluster project namespace, locate the Vault information stored in Config Maps > vault.
    2. Click the name of your Vault from the list of displayed Vaults.
    3. From the displayed Vault information, note down the following values:
      • VAULT_AUTH_PATH : The path where kubernetes authentication is enabled for the project

      • VAULT_SECRETS_PATH : The path in Vault where Secret Engine is enabled

      • VAULT_BASE_DATA_PATH : The path under Secret Engine where project data is stored

      • VAULT_ROLE : Role configured for the project
  5. Log in to your external Vault web user interface. Go to the secrets page, and delete the project data stored in your VAULT_BASE_DATA_PATH
  6. Go to the Auth Methods page, and remove the authentication method (VAULT_AUTH_PATH) associated with your CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0 deployment.
  7. From the admin role, remove the Generated Token's Policies token associated with the role.
  8. Delete all the roles from Auth Methods > Roles.
  9. Disable the authentication method in the Authentication Methods page.
  10. If you have used external databases with CDP Private Cloud 1.0, delete any database associated with the environment, CML, CDW, Liftie, and User Management Service.
  11. From your OpenShift console, ensure that you do not have any namespaces associated with CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.0.
  12. Upgrade OCP 4.3 to OCP 4.5.
  13. Install CDP Private Cloud Experiences 1.1.