CDP Private Cloud Data Services Hardware Requirements

You need the following minimum or recommended hardware to successfully install and run Private Cloud Data Services.

Component Bare metal or VMs (for Base Cluster) Bare metal or VMs (for ECS Cluster)
Minimum Recommended Minimum Recommended
Number of servers 6 8 10 16
CPU (Cores) 16 cores 24 cores 16 cores 48 cores
RAM (GB) 32GB 256GB 64GB 384GB
Storage HDD (Number x Capacity) 12 x 2TB 12 x 4TB 1 x 2TB (SSD/SATA) 1 x 4TB (SSD/NVMe)
Network Recommended 25+GbE Spine/Leaf, max 4:1 oversubscription between the spine and leaf switches.

Storage requirements for Data Services

Data Services Storage type Storage required Purpose
CDE Longhorn NFS 500GB per Virtual Cluster in NFS Stores all information related to virtual clusters
CDW Local 100 GB per executor in LITE mode and 600 GB per executor in FULL mode Used for caching
Control Plane Longhorn NFS 118 GB total if using an External Database, 318 GB total if using the Embedded Database Storage for ECS infrastructure including Fluentd logging, Prometheus monitoring, and Vault. Backing storage for an embedded DB for control plane configuration purpose, if applicable
CML Longhorn NFS 1 TB per workspace on Longhorn NFS or external NFS and 3.5 TB per workspace on Longhorn Stores all information. VFS storage can either use Longhorn NFS-provisioner on Longhorn OR directly connect to your NFS.
MonitoringApp Longhorn NFS 30 GB + (Env cnt x 100 GB) Stores metrics collected by Prometheus.