Benefits of CDP Private Cloud Data Services

The three main benefits of CDP Private Cloud Data Services are simplified multitenancy and isolation, simplified deployment of applications, and better utilization of infrastructure.

Simplified multitenancy and isolation

The containerized deployment of applications in CDP Private Cloud ensures that each application is sufficiently isolated and can run independently from others on the same Kubernetes infrastructure, in order to eliminate resource contention. Such a deployment also helps in independently upgrading applications based on your requirements. In addition, all these applications can share a common Data Lake instance.

Simplified deployment of applications

CDP Private Cloud ensures a much faster deployment of applications with a shared Data Lake compared to monolithic clusters where separate copies of security and governance data would be required for each separate application. In situations where you need to provision applications on an arbitrary basis, for example, to deploy test applications or to allow for self-service, transient workloads without administrative or operations overhead, CDP Private Cloud enables you to rapidly perform such deployments.

Better utilization of infrastructure

Similar to CDP Public Cloud, CDP Private Cloud enables you to provision resources in real time when deploying applications. In addition, the ability to scale or suspend applications on a need basis in CDP Private Cloud ensures that your on-premises infrastructure is utilized optimally.