CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.2 Release Summary

This release provides new features, functional enhancements, and critical bug fixes. Upgrades are supported from CDP Private Cloud Data Services versions 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 and 1.5.1 CHF1. Release highlights include:


  • Security
    • Fixes for CVEs
  • Functional enhancements
    • Additional pre-flight host inspections
      • Detect bad DNS server set in resolv.conf
      • Inspection for Security Software
      • Update /var/lib ECS Storage Inspection
    • Support for heterogeneous worker nodes
    • Support Network Testing and Rack Tagging for ECS Nodes
    • Automatic scheduled backups for control plane
    • Diagnostic Bundle improvements
    • Include logs for Vault/YuniKorn/LogRouter
    • CDW logs in bundle
    • Unified timezone in PvC DS (CDW)
  • Certifications
    • OCP 4.12
    • RKE2 (K8s v1.25)

Data Catalog

  • Data Catalog enables Data Stewards and Business Analysts across the enterprise to work with data assets in the following ways:
    • Organize and curate data globally
    • Understand where relevant data is located
    • Understand how data access is secured, protected, and audited
    • Understand how data is interpreted for use
  • The Asset 360 degree view of entities within Atlas helps analysts find high quality curated data and leverage it for decision making
  • Support for Profiling of Hive tables, to examine, analyze and review data, providing organizations with a high level view of data quality

Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE)

  • Iceberg GA
  • Elastic Virtual Clusters for Quota Management GA
  • New Git resource type support for Spark and Airflow job
  • New GPU accelerated ETL with Spark 3 and Nvidia RAPIDs
  • New Support for Spark 3.3.x & Hive DataWarehouse Connector
  • New CDE Job runs timeline for better tracking of job progression
  • New CDE Job run and log retention policies configurable at the Virtual Cluster level
  • New Support for Hive, CDW and Sqoop operators for Airflow (Tech Preview)
  • CDE Data Connectors GA

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW)

  • Quota Management support in Tech Preview
  • New intelligent rack-aware pod placement policies
  • New heterogeneous worker node support
  • Timezone sync with base cluster
  • New JDBC drivers packaged with CDW
  • New Hue Query Processor support for Impala
  • Hive LLAP support for Kerberos authentication
  • Hive LLAP VW access control in for LDAP auth
  • Third-party integration with CDW
  • New Iceberg features in 1.5.2
    • Impala
      • In-place table migration for Impala
      • Support for delete command in Impala
      • Improvements in v2 read performance
      • Support for load data commands
      • Avro file format support for Iceberg tables
      • Warning on querying tables with equality deletes
    • LLAP
      • Update Iceberg library to 1.3.0
      • V2 Updates/Deletes and Merge commands
      • Load data support
      • Show partitions support
      • Support for branching
      • Support for alter table convert to iceberg
      • Support for rename tables

Cloudera Machine Learning (CML)

  • Support for Buildkit on ECS
    • Switching from docker to buildkit on RHEL 8.x and CentOS 8.x for building models and experiments images
  • Quota Management at workspace level (Tech Preview)
    • Enables controlling the resource allocation at workspace level
  • Parallel RSync in CDSW to CML migration tool

Replication Manager

  • Telemetry is now Generally Available. When monitoring PvC DS replication deployments, users are typically interested in several key metrics to ensure the effectiveness, reliability, and performance of their replication processes. Metrics included in this release:,throughout, runtime and success rate

  • Ozone incremental replication policies: available both from the Replication Manager App and BDR UI, Ozone replication policies (introduced in PvC DS 1.5.1, providing support only for full data copy replication) now support three replication types: incremental replication with fallback to full file listing, incremental only, and full file listing