Testing Longhorn health post ECS upgrade

Post ECS upgrade Longhorn health test fails and the helm-install-longhorn pod gets in crashloop state.

To fix this issue, run the following command:

#Get the history of longhorn helm chart so that we can identify the chart for which installation is failing. #
              helm history longhorn -n longhorn-system
              REVISION    UPDATED                     STATUS          CHART             APP VERSION    DESCRIPTION
              1           Wed Feb 28 05:32:47 2024    deployed        longhorn-1.4.2    v1.4.2         Install complete
              2           Wed Feb 28 09:28:39 2024    uninstalling    longhorn-1.5.4    v1.5.4         Deletion in progress (or silently failed)
              #The actual chart is saved as kubernetes secret. List the longhorn helm chart saved as secrets.#
              kubectl get secrets  -n longhorn-system
              NAME                             TYPE                 DATA   AGE
              basic-auth                       Opaque               1      15h
              chart-values-longhorn            Opaque               0      10h
              longhorn-webhook-ca              kubernetes.io/tls    2      15h
              longhorn-webhook-tls             kubernetes.io/tls    2      15h
              sh.helm.release.v1.longhorn.v1   helm.sh/release.v1   1      15h
              sh.helm.release.v1.longhorn.v2   helm.sh/release.v1   1      21m
              #We want to delete the latest chart i.e. sh.helm.release.v1.longhorn.v2. Save the back up of the secret as yaml before deleting. #
              kubectl get secrets sh.helm.release.v1.longhorn.v2 -n longhorn-system -o yaml > sh.helm.release.v1.longhorn.v2.yaml

              #Save the back up of the default values passed along with the helm chart while installing.#
              helm get values --revision=2 longhorn -n longhorn-system > defaultSettings.yaml
              #Find all jobs in longhorn-system and delete those. These jobs will be re-triggered as part of the manual patch.#
              kubectl get jobs -n longhorn-system
              NAME                    COMPLETIONS   DURATION   AGE
              helm-install-longhorn   0/1           9h         9h
              longhorn-post-upgrade   1/1           11m        10h
              longhorn-uninstall      0/1           10h        10h
              #Delete the latest longhorn chart#
              kubectl delete job helm-install-longhorn longhorn-uninstall longhorn-post-upgrade -n longhorn-system
              kubectl delete secret sh.helm.release.v1.longhorn.v2 -n longhorn-system
              #Apply the longhorn chart from the parcel directory.#
               kubectl patch HelmChart longhorn -n longhorn-system --type=merge --patch-file /opt/cloudera/parcels/ECS/longhorn/longhorn.yaml