CDP Private Cloud Base requirements

You must be aware of the supported software versions and services related to CDP Private Base cluster version 7.1.3 and higher, that must be installed, configured, and ready, prior to installing CDP Private Cloud Experiences.

The following services are required:

  • Hive Metastore (HMS)
  • Ranger
  • Atlas
  • HDFS
  • Ozone

Additionally, you need the following setup:

  • Kerberos must be set up on these clusters using an Active Directory or MIT KDC.
  • TLS must be enabled on the Cloudera Manager cluster.
  • The base cluster must be on the same network as the OpenShift cluster.
  • The Postgres database must be configured as the external database for the base cluster services.
  • Base cluster host names must be forward and reverse resolvable in DNS from the OpenShift cluster.
  • When a load balancer is used in front of OCP external API, you must allow websocket traffic in addition to https

The Private Cloud Management Console is deployed from a CDP Private Cloud Base Cloudera Manager. The CDP Private Cloud Base may have one or more data lake clusters.

From the CDP Private Cloud Experiences Management Console, you can create one or more environments. These environments can be associated with any of the data lakes from the base clusters.

Cloudera currently does not support associating the environments with different base cluster installations.