CDP Private Cloud Experiences installation overview

CDP Private Cloud Experiences works on top of CDP Private Cloud Base and is the on-premise offering of CDP that brings many of the benefits of the public cloud deployments to the on-premise CDP deployments. Like the cloud native applications, the CDP Private Cloud Experiences are designed to be easy to use, offer tenant-level isolation and self-service with auto-scale. All of this is made possible by the new Experiences Compute Service (ECS) which manages the compute infrastructure and ease of deployment for the experiences.

An installation of CDP Private Cloud Base is required to deploy CDP Private Cloud Experiences. A base cluster deployed in CDP Private Cloud Base serves as a Data Lake for the Experiences. CDP Private Cloud Experiences is the on-premise offering of CDP that brings many of the benefits of public cloud deployments to on-premise CDP deployments. CDP Private Cloud Experiences allows you to deploy the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), Cloudera Machine Learning (CML), and Cloudera Data Engineering(CDE) experiences.

The Private Cloud Experiencesrely and work with customer's existing data storage and governance clusters, which we refer to as Private Cloud Base Cluster. The experiences, once deployed, seamlessly and securely connect with the Private Cloud Base cluster. The following diagram is a typical example of a Private Cloud Experiencesdeployment:

Before you can install Private Cloud Experiences, you need a running instance of CDP Private Cloud Base. You need an isolated hardware environment with dedicated infrastructure and networking for Private Cloud Experiences.