Troubleshooting Preflight Migration Check Issues

Provides a list of preflight check issues and workarounds.

Config Readiness

In Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW), we are using KubeDNS for handling the DNS. In Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) we are using core DNS. If the customers add any custom KubeDNS configurations in the CDSW, those will not be copied to CML automatically. This preflight check verifies if there is any custom configuration added in CDSW. This preflight check will flag the same if the custom configurations are detected.

Troubleshooting failures:

Note any custom configurations added to the KubeDNS. Check if these are really necessary for CML.

Registry Readiness

This preflight check will verify the registry readiness in CML. It will check if the created CML cluster has proper registry permissions.

Troubleshooting failures:

Check if the secret ‘cdp-private-installer-embedded-registry-docker-pull-secret ‘ in the control plane namespace is present in CML. If the configuration is present, check if the docker configuration in this secret is correct.

Host Mount Readiness

CDSW supports host mount. But it is not supported in CML. It is not possible to migrate the workloads containing the host mounts.

Troubleshooting failures:

The workloads containing the host mounts should be modified in CDSW before the migration. The users may convert the workloads using the engines to runtimes.

Engine Type Readiness

Engine is deprecated in CML. If the CDSW contains any workloads using the engine or custom engines, those workloads must be converted to runtime before the migration.

Troubleshooting failures:

The workloads based on engine or custom engine should be converted to runtime-based workloads.

NFS Filesystem Readiness

CDSW to CML migration tool supports migrating project files from the CDSW internal NFS server to the CML project storage. This readiness check will verify the NFS filesystem size for the migration.

Troubleshooting failures:

Please check the storage configuration of the NFS storage in CML. Please ensure enough storage is in the NFS storage to do the migration.

Runtime Addons

CML supports many runtime add-ons such as Spark, Hadoop, CLI, etc. This preflight check verifies that all the runtime add-ons are installed in the CML properly.

Troubleshooting failures:

In CML, go to Site Administrator->Runtime and check the status of the runtime addons. If any of the runtime addons are in the wrong state, click actions and do a reload.

Service Readiness

This preflight check verifies all the services active in CDSW in enabled and started in CML.

Troubleshooting failures:

Ensure the necessary services are started in CML during the workspace provisioning.

Versions Readiness

CDSW to CML migration is supported only from CDSW version 1.10.0. This preflight check will verify the source CDSW version.

Troubleshooting failures:

Please update the CDSW to version >= 1.10.0.