Cloudera Manager

How to migrate from Ambari and Cloudera Manager 5/6 to CDP Cloudera Manager 7.

Ambari to Cloudera Manager

There is no data migration mechanism for moving from Ambari to Cloudera Manager (CM) – Ambari users must learn how to use Cloudera Manager for cluster management. However, there are a few points Ambari users should be aware of when moving to Cloudera Manager.

  • Cloudera Manager enables you to consider new approaches to cluster management:
    • Consider creating and managing multiple clusters with one instance of Cloudera Manager.
    • Consider setting up separate compute and storage clusters.
    • Other aspects of cluster lifecycle automation are different than Ambari:
      • Install and upgrade of Cloudera Runtime is via parcels and the CM API, not RPMs.
      • Other actions (applying standard configurations, backup) use the CM API.
  • Update any scripting and alert monitoring to use the CM API (REST, Java, Python).
  • Grafana is not natively supported for monitoring dashboards. Use health monitoring APIs and ts_query for metrics.
  • What doesn’t change: CM install and upgrade is via RPMs, alerts are via EMAIL/SNMP, etc.

CM 5/6 to CM 7

  • If you are using the CM 5 API, update scripts and applications to use the new Swagger-based API client.
  • Migrate CM configuration settings as appropriate based on usage:
    • LDAP and Kerberos settings
    • CM6+ custom user roles and assignments
    • Alerts configuration
    • 3rd party parcels
  • For 3rd party custom services (CSDs), try to obtain a CM 7 compatible version from the vendor.