Migrating Security and Governance Data from HDP to CDP

How to migrate security and governance data from HDP to CDP.

Ranger Policy Migration

  • The Ranger Policy Import/Export feature can be used to migrate existing Ranger resource-based and tag-based policies to CDP Public Cloud or CDP Private Cloud Base.
  • You can use the Ranger UI or the REST API to export and import policies.
  • Supported formats: JSON, Excel, CSV

Ranger KMS

  • Use DistCp to copy data into Cloud-native encrypted storage (for CDP Public Cloud) or into another HDFS encryption zone (in CDP Private Cloud Base).
  • Data re-encryption will take place during the copy.

Atlas Data Migration

  • CDP has Atlas wired up to all workloads. Ported workloads will recreate lineage.
  • Use Atlas Export/Import tools (targeted migration) to copy legacy Atlas data to a new deployment.
  • Use the Atlas Migration utility tools (migrates all data) to manually migrate legacy atlas data to a new deployment.