Create a Replication Policy

Workload Manager utilizes the capabilites of Replication Manager to create the replication policy. The Burst to Cloud wizard takes you through the procedure to create a replication policy to define the source, destination, and schedule for the replication.

  1. In the Burst to Cloud wizard, click the Create Replication Policy button.

  2. This takes you to the first page of the wizard, where you can edit general information about the policy, such as name and description.
  3. Click Next to go to the Select Source page, where you enter details about the source of the workload that you want to migrate.

    On the Select Source page, enter the following information:

    • Source Cluster - Select the cluster that contains the workload that you want to migrate.
    • Source Databases and Tables - Select the databases and tables that you want to include in the migration.
    • Run as Username (on source) - Enter the username of the user that you want to run the replicaion policy as.

  4. Click Next to go to go to the next page, where you can choose your migration destination. Choose a data lake from the drop-down menu, enter your credentials, and click Next.
  5. On the next page, you schedule when the replication policy will run. You can schedule it to run once or it can be recurring.

  6. After you schedule when the policy will run, click Next to go to the Additional Settings page, where you can configure details about how the policy will run, such as the YARN queue name, and whether you want to include Sentry permissions.

  7. Click Next and a pop-up will inform you that your policy has been created successfully.
  8. After you define your replication policy, you can go back to Workload Manager to see the status of your replication. In Workload Manager, click the Burst to Cloud button to see that the replicaion is running and view the replication details in Replication Manager. You also have the option to refresh the performance rating of your workload.