Generate a Performance Rating

Before you burst your workload to the cloud, Workload Manager will analyze the workload to determine whether it is a good candidate for the cloud.

  1. To create a perfomance rating, select Burst to Cloud > Generate Performance Rating. When the performance rating is complete, a pop-up window will alert you that the rating has been generated.
  2. Select Burst to Cloud > View Performance Rating Details to find out whether your workload is a good candidate for the cloud.

    The Cloud Performance pop-up gives you a general rating as well as details about how Workload Manager determined that rating.

  3. You can use the details of this rating to optimize your workload for the cloud. For example, in the image above, the workload has small repetitive reads, which are optimal for cloud migration, but you might also look for workloads that are more CPU-intensive.

    Workload Manager provides the Cloud Performance Rating to help you determine the best workloads to migrate to the cloud. A low rating does not prevent you from migrating the workload.

  4. Click the Start Burst to Cloud Wizard to begin the migration.