Use Workload Manager to Migrate to CDP Public Cloud

Workload Manager can be used to migrate Impala workloads to CDP Public Cloud.

Workload Manager enables you to explore cluster and workload health before migrating data. You can identify workloads that are good candidates for cloud migration, and optimize workloads before migrating them to CDP Public Cloud.

  • Generates a “cloud-friendliness” score
  • Auto-generates a sizing/capacity plan for the target environment
  • Works with Replication Manager to help you build a replication plan
  • Mitigates the risk of run-away cloud costs caused by suboptimal workload

Supported Scenarios

CDH to CDP Public Cloud (AWS only)

  • Impala -- GA
  • Hive -- Roadmap Q2
  • Azure support -- Roadmap Q3

HDP to CDP Public Cloud

  • Currently requires professional services
  • Roadmap Q2

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  • Migration Services
    • SmartMigrate – CDH/HDP to CDP Private Cloud Base
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