Ozone configurations

Ozone’s main configuration file is ozone-site.xml that carries the server or the client configurations depending on the component.

The details of the server-side or client-side configuration files are as follows:
  • The server-side ozone-site.xml files such as OM, SCM, Recon, and S3 Gateway are present in their respective run directories; for example, /var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/45-ozone-OZONE_MANAGER, under ozone-conf.
  • The Ozone shell clients or S3 Gateway configurations are available under /etc/ozone/conf on all the hosts.
  • In addition to ozone-site.xml, the client-only configurations are also present in core-site.xml used by clients. Therefore, Ozone client applications such as Hive, Spark and so on, typically have configurations in ozone-site.xml and core-site.xml.
The Ozone client configurations contain the location information for the client to know where the OM nodes are. A quorum of OM nodes is identified by a Service ID (ozone.service.id), and therefore, the Service ID usually prefixes any ofs:// path. Using the Service ID to configuration mapping, the Ozone client identifies the Ozone Manager quorum with which to interact.

Depending on the services configured for the CDP cluster, you can also find other general purpose configuration files such as hdfs-site.xml, core-site.xml and ranger-*.xml files in the Ozone conf directories.