Importing custom configurations

In CDH, there might be several instances where you reconfigured Impala or other components to keep Impala running smoothly.These customized settings will not be automatically transferred when you migrate your workloads to CDW. You will need to manually reconfigure them. However, some customizations you embraced in a CDH environment need not be imported to CDW, due to its containerized and compute-isolated architecture as well as intelligence to assign different default configurations.

You might have customized your environment to optimize performance, to mitigate the pressure on the network, or to avoid resource usage spikes and out-of-memory conditions. To keep long-running queries or idle sessions from tying up cluster resources, you might have set timeout intervals for individual queries and/or entire sessions. To import the customizations such as specific configurations from CDP Private Cloud base to CDW PvC 1.3.1, follow these steps .

  1. Make a list of the custom configurations you must manually import to CDW PvC 1.3.1.
  2. To customize you must have DWAdmin resource privilege.
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and navigate to the Data Warehouse service.
  2. On the Overview page of the Data Warehouse service, make note of the name of the Virtual Warehouse you want to modify.
  3. In the tile for the Virtual Warehouse that you want to modify, click the options menu and select Edit.
  4. Click the Configurations tab.
  5. Navigate to Impala Coordinator > flagfile > default_query_options and make the necessary changes.