Updating the JDBC URLs

In the CDH environment, you had access to one monolithic Impala cluster and you used one JDBC/ODBC URL to connect your Impala clients to the cluster. All your client applications used that one URL. In CDW, you must direct your individual client applications to their own Virtual Warehouse JDBC/ODBC URL.

In CDW, different user groups will likely get their own Virtual Warehouse, each of which has its own unique JDBC/ODBC URL. You must be sure to point your BI clients to the corresponding URL.

CDW Impala requires the latest Simba drivers. Download the latest JDBC driver from the Cloudera Downloads page (recommended), or alternatively, on the Virtual Warehouses page, click the options menu for the warehouse you want to connect to your BI tool, and select Download JDBC/ODBC Driver and install it.

  1. In the Data Warehouse service, click Virtual Warehouse in the left navigation panel.
  2. On the Virtual Warehouses page, in the upper right corner of the tile for the Hive Virtual Warehouse you want to connect to, click the options menu, and select Copy JDBC URL. This copies the JDBC URL to your system clipboard. The base portion of this URL can also be used for creating ODBC connections.
  3. Paste the copied JDBC URL into a text file. It should look similar to the following:
  4. From the text file where you just pasted the URL, copy the host name from the JDBC URL to your system clipboard. For example, in the URL shown in Step 6, the host name is:
Now that you have copied the host name from the JDBC URL, you can use it to establish an ODBC connection from a BI tool.