Guidelines for modelling tenants from CDH to CDW PvC environment

Describes some modeling guidelines from an architect’s and administrator’s perspective. You need to understand the infrastructure changes before migrating your workload from CDP Private Cloud base to a CDW PvC environment.

If you are considering migrating your workload from a 50-node Impala CDH cluster to a CDW environment, ask yourself if you should be setting up a 50-VW or just a 10-node VW that can autoscale 5 times?

In CDH, if you have 100 users running queries against a CDH cluster you may assign all the users to the same cluster, but with CDW you have the flexibility to map your tenants and break down your compute into smaller groups, tuned and sized specifically for each tenant’s needs.

You can model your tenants in multiple ways, however the major driving factors you should consider while modeling the tenants are:

  • compute isolation
  • security isolation
  • data sharing
  • cost attribution

Choose the model - or a blend of models - that best suits your workload, your users and your business.