Cloudera Manager Server

Table 1. Cloudera Manager Server Storage Requirements
Component Storage Notes
Partition hosting /usr 1 GB
Partition hosting /var 5 GB to 1 TB Scales according to number of nodes managed. See table below.
Partition hosting /opt 30 GB minimum Usage grows as the number of parcels downloaded increases.
Cloudera Manager Database Server 5 GB If the Cloudera Manager Database is shared with the Service Monitor and Host Monitor, more storage space is required to meet the requirements for those components.
Table 2. Host Based Cloudera Manager Server Requirements
Number of Cluster Hosts Database Host Configuration Cloudera Manager Server Heap Size Logical Processors Cloudera Manager Server /var Directory
Very small (≤10) Shared 4 GB 4 5 GB
Small (≤20) Shared 6 GB 6 20 GB minimum
Medium (≤200) Dedicated 10 GB 6 200 GB minimum
Large (≤500) Dedicated 12 GB 8 500 GB minimum
Extra Large (>500) Dedicated 18 GB 16 1 TB minimum