Mapping Navigator metadata to Atlas

You must validate the Navigator to Apache Atlas transition by reviewing the list of metadata mapping and its types transitioned from the Navigator.

Use this topic as a checklist to help you validate the transition of metadata from Navigator to Atlas.

User-supplied metadata mapping

The following user-supplied metadata is transitioned to Atlas, including definitions and assignments to entities. Enumerations defined in Navigator are created as instances of the enumeration type in Atlas.
Navigator Construct Atlas Construct
Tag Label
User-defined Properties
  • Key
  • Value
User-defined properties
  • Key
  • Value
Managed Properties
  • Namespace
  • Namespace description
  • Property Name (original name)
  • Classes (entity types that property can be assigned to)         
  • Display Name
  • Property description
  • Multivalued
  • Type (Text, Number, Boolean, Date, Enumeration)                                 
Business Metadata Attributes
  • Business Metadata name
  • Business Metadata description
  • Attribute name
  • Applicable Types (entity types that property can be assigned to)
  • Display Name (not used in the UI)
  • Description (not used in the UI)
  • Enable Multivalues
  • Type (string, Boolean, byte, short, int, float, double, long, date, enumeration)

Policy mapping

Navigator policies provided the ability to apply metadata to Navigator entities. They do not have an equivalent function in Atlas and are not transitioned. You may be able to implement similar functionality through data profilers in the Data Catalog. You can create a report of Navigator policies using the Navigator API, for example, use a GET call to the /policy API:
curl -X GET "<navigator host>:<port>/api/v14/policy" -u <username>:<password>

Technical metadata mapping

The transition process maps all the needed technical metadata for entities from Navigator to be represented in Atlas. There are some instances where the transition has to convert data from one type to another or generate new content to conform to the Atlas data model. The details of the entity mapping are exhaustively described in the Atlas technical metadata transition reference.