Back up Solr configuration metadata using Cloudera Manager

Before upgrading to Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher, back up your Solr collections . This enables you to roll back to the pre-upgrade state if any problems occur during the upgrade process.

  • Make sure that the HDFS and ZooKeeper services are running.
  • Make sure that you set the Upgrade Backup Directory configuration property in Cloudera Manager.
  • Make sure that the directory you specified as Upgrade Backup Directory exists in HDFS and is writable by the Search superuser (solr by default).
  1. Stop the Solr service (Solr service > Actions > Stop). If you see a message about stopping dependent services, click Cancel and stop the dependent services first, and then stop the Solr service.
  2. Back up the Solr configuration metadata (Solr service > Actions > Backup Solr Configuration Meta-data for Upgrade).
  3. Start the Solr service (Solr service > Actions > Start).
  4. Start any dependent services that you stopped.