Upgrading an MRv1 installation using Cloudera Manager

You must manually import the MapReduce configurations to YARN using Cloudera Manager and overwrite existing YARN configuration and role assignments so that the services use YARN as the computation framework instead of MapReduce version 1 (MRv1).

The import process not just imports configuration settings, but it also:
  • Configures services to use YARN as the MapReduce computation framework instead of MapReduce.
  • Overwrites existing YARN configuration and role assignments.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, slect the YARN service.
  2. Stop the YARN service.
  3. Click Action and then select Import MapReduce Configuration.
    The import wizard displays a warning letting you know that it will import your configuration, restart the YARN service and its dependent services, and update the client configuration.
  4. Click Continue to process.
    The next page indicates some additional configuration required by YARN.
  5. Verify or modify the configurations.
  6. Click Continue.
    The Switch Cluster to MRv2 step proceeds.
  7. Click Finish, when all steps are completed.
Optionally, you can remove the MapReduce services:
  1. Click the Cloudera Manager logo to return to the Home page.
  2. Find the MapReduce row and righ-click on the downward facing arrow.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Click Delete to confirm.
Recompile JARs used in MapReduce application.