Set log level for KeyTrustee KMS to INFO

Reduce the log output from org.apache.ranger.plugin.* by changing the log level setting for your Ranger KMS from DEBUG to INFO.

Upgrading a CDH cluster to CDP includes converting KeyTrustee KMS to Ranger KMS.

In some rare cases, the KeyTrustee KMS logging may be set to DEBUG level when investigating services issues. When KeyTrustee KMS is converted to Ranger KMS during a CDH to CDP upgrade, some configuration settings, such as the log_threshold setting, may be transferred over. While log_level set to DEBUG minimally impacts CDH clusters, clusters upgraded to CDP may experience a negative performance impact from Ranger KMS if the log_threshold setting remains at DEBUG.

Recommended Practice: leave the log_threshold setting configured to INFO or higher, unless actively debugging a service issue in Ranger KMS.

Setting the log_threshold to DEBUG on Ranger KMS can produce a huge number of log entries from org.apache.ranger.plugin.*. Due to the frequency of logs generated, the Ranger KMS can experience periods of slow response, negatively impacting file operations on HDFS.

  1. During pre-upgrade, review the logging level of your KeyTrustee KMS service.
  2. Make sure that DEBUG/TRACE is not enabled for KeyTrustee KMS.
  3. During post-upgrade, review the logging level of your Ranger KMS service.
  4. Make sure that DEBUG/TRACE is not enabled for Ranger KMS.
Complete additional pre-upgrade tasks.