Registering Ambari Cloudera Manager pair

As a prerequisite, you must have an instance of Cloudera manager available and running on a cluster.

One transition represents a single upgrade path from a base cluster to a target cluster. A single Cloudera Migration Assistant (CMA) server is designed to handle multiple upgrades of Ambari-CM Pairs.
  1. On the left navigation pane, click New Transition and select Upgrade to CDP PvC Base - 1-stage. Click Next.
  2. Register the Ambari Server by providing Ambari admin user and Ambari admin password. Click Connect. If the connection is successful, click Next
    A page for registering adding Cloudera Manager keys to the nodes is displayed.
  3. Configure the CDP Private Cloud Base Runtime parcel and credentials. You can select CDP Private Cloud Base Runtime parcel from the released versions and also edit the target full version specifying exact hotfix numbers.
  4. Click Next. Click Finish to complete the registration.
    After the registration is successful, a new light blue tile is added under the Transitions menu.
  5. Execute transition by clicking List & Check Mark icon.