Disk space and mountpoint considerations

Review the minimum disk space requirements before you upgrade from HDP 3.1.5 to CDP 7.1.x.

Partition Storage Detail
/usr/hdp 10 GB Minimum space required for each installed HDP version.
/opt/cloudera 100 GB for CM

100 GB for all hosts

Minimum space required for each installed and retained CDP version.
/usr/hdp 35 GB If you are upgrading from HDP 3.1.5.x to CDP 7.1.x, there is an interim step to upgrade to HDP intermediate bits. You would need a minimum 30 GB available space to make the transition.
/var/log 200 GB - 500 GB

Minimum space required for storing the logs.

/var/* 2 GB Minimum space required for Cloudera Manager agent and for the Cloudera components.
/tmp 20GB At least 20 GB of free space required for storing the temp data by CLDR services.
/<data-dir> Varies Datanode, Kafka Logs, Namenode Image and Edits, Journal Node, ZooKeeper.

These should all be on separate mounts to avoid disk issues with the os partition.

Performance Impact: For the Namenode, Journal Node, and ZooKeeper data directories, these should be on dedicated disks (and mounts) for the most optimal performance of these critical services. Disk contention with other write operations will have an impact on these services.

Performance Impact: Data-directories for Datanode and Kafka-Logs should be simple JBOD drives. RAID support has a support impact and these services are storage redundant at the service level. RAID is NOT recommended for these service data directories.

/<yarn-local> Varies by workload yarn.nodemanager.local-dirs`Between 5-25% of host storage depending on workload types. Applications that are heavy in MR technologies will benefit tremendously by using the SSDstorage.

For more information on the hardware requirements for Runtime components, see Cloudera Runtime.

For more information on the CM server storage requirements, see Cloudera Manager Server.

For more information on the CDP Private Cloud Base requirements, see CDP Private Cloud Base Requirements and Supported Versions.