HMS health check

Check the Hive Metastore health.

On Cloudera Manager UI, if you observe the Hive Metastore Server Canary Health check errors after migrating from HDP 3.1.5.x to CDP Private Cloud Base, perform the following steps to add the required Ranger policies for the Hue user.
  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager UI
  2. See if Health check issue is observed.
  3. Navigate to Clusters
  4. Select the Ranger service
  5. Click Web UI. This redirects to the Ranger service page.
  6. On the Ranger Admin UI, click Service Manager
  7. Add the required Ranger policies for Hue user
    The Policies include all - hiveservice, all - global, all - url, all - database, table, column and all - database,udf policies created under cl1_hive. For more information, see Ranger policies for components.
    After the Hue user is added to the policies metastore health check issue is no longer observed in the Cloudera Manager portal.