Migrate signing key

Migrate Knox’s signing key to the CDP cluster.

To add Knox signing key, you must add the credential aliases and configure the gateway properties.
  1. If you want to migrate the signing key then the following credential aliases must be added with the corresponding values from the HDP signing key store:
    • gateway.signing.keystore.password.alias - The password for the signing keystore.
    • gateway.signing.key.passphrase.alias - The passphrase to sign the private key stored in the signing keystore.
  2. In addition, the following gateway properties must be configured with the Cloudera Manager UI:
    • gateway.signing.keystore.name
    • gateway.signing.key.alias
    • gateway.signing.keystore.type
    • gateway.signing.keystore.password.alias
    • gateway.signing.key.passphrase.alias