Preparing HBase for upgrade

You must remove the HBase backup-and-restore-utility configuration present in your HDP 3.1.5 cluster before you migrate to CDP. CDP Private Cloud Base does not support the backup-and-restore utility present in HDP 3.1.5.

Remove the configuration properties that you added when you enabled the HBase backup-and-restore feature in HDP 3.1.5. If you do not perform this pre-upgrade step, HBase service fails to start after upgrading to CDP Private Cloud Base.

  1. Open the hbase-site.xml configuration file on your HDP 3.1.5 cluster.
  2. Delete the following properties:
  3. Edit the hbase.coprocessor.region.classes property to remove the org.apache.hadoop.hbase.backup.BackupObserver class.
    For example, the hbase.coprocessor.region.classes property looks like the following snippet after the edit:
  4. Save the changes made to the hbase-site.xml configuration file on your HDP 3.1.5 cluster.
  5. Restart the HBase cluster.