Component Java Heap CPU Disk
  • Small workloads, or evaluations: 16 GB
  • Smaller production environments: 32 GB
  • Larger production environments: 96 GB is sufficient for most clusters.

Set this value using the Java Heap Size of Solr Server in Bytes Solr configuration property.

  • Minimum: 4
  • Recommended: 16 for production workloads

No requirement if Solr uses HDFS for storage.

If Solr uses local file system:

  • Faster disks, such as SSD can provide a significant performance improvement.
  • Occasionally a node may need disk space equal to 2-2.5 times the size of shards on the node for storage and overhead (for segment merging and shard recovery).
  • For heavy ingest and query loads Solr typically performs best on dedicated nodes, partially due to available OS cache for Solr files.
Note the following considerations for determining the optimal amount of heap memory:
  • Size of searchable material: The more searchable material you have, the more memory you need. All things being equal, 10 TB of searchable data requires more memory than 1 TB of searchable data.
  • Content indexed in the searchable material: Indexing all fields in a collection of logs, email messages, or Wikipedia entries requires more memory than indexing only the Date Created field.
  • The level of performance required: If the system must be stable and respond quickly, more memory may help. If slow responses are acceptable, you may be able to use less memory.