CDP Private Cloud Base Benefits

The benefits of CDP Private Cloud Base include:

Enterprise readiness

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base lays the foundation of Cloudera’s modern, on-premises data and analytics platform. CDP Private Cloud Base offers faster analytics, improved hardware utilization, and increased storage density. Strengthened platform security and simplified governance for regulatory compliance helps organizations manage enterprise readiness.

Modern Object Store

To support highly scalable and efficient big data deployments, CDP Private Cloud provides Apache Ozone storage solution. Apache Ozone allows for redundant, and distributed object stores that are optimized for big data workloads.

Cost optimization and innovation

With CDP Private Cloud Base, you can navigate through customers’ growing financial demands by providing a set of services and solutions optimized for the customer’s needs. TCO benefits are provided through cloud-native architecture which separates compute and storage to integrate with data services and other features to support storage density such as Ozone.

Resilience and High Availability

Customer deployment needs resiliency and agility to accommodate growth and business operations. By harnessing high availability through rolling upgrades of various components, CDP Private Cloud Base demonstrates the commitment to minimize service disruptions. Furthermore, the release supports auto upgrades for large clusters so workloads have minimal impact during upgrades.

Open Data Lakehouse

With CDP Private Cloud Base, you can run quick analytics on all structured and unstructured data at massive scale. This modern architecture is powered by Apache Iceberg, which is an open source, open standards-based table format with a wide community adoption. Security and privacy: With CDP Private Cloud Base, you can meet your security goals for data management systems, such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability, requiring that the system be secured across several dimensions.

Deployment flexibility

CDP Private Cloud Base delivers powerful analytic, transactional, and machine learning workloads in a hybrid data platform.

Compliance and reporting

CDP Private Cloud Base supports CGI standards and FIPS certification of platforms which are essential for regulated industries and Government organizations with a pressing need to protect sensitive information and appropriate measures.