Supported and Unsupported Replication Scenarios

This page provides information about the supported/unsupported replication scenarios.

Scenarios that are supported

Versions - To replicate data to or from clusters managed by Cloudera Manager 7.x, the source or destination cluster must be managed by Cloudera Manager 5.14+ or higher. Note that some functionality may not be available in Cloudera Manager 5.14.0 and higher or 6.0.0 and higher.

Kerberos - Replication Manager supports the following replication scenarios when Kerberos authentication is used on a cluster:
  • Secure source to a secure destination.
  • Insecure source to an insecure destination.
  • Insecure source to a secure destination. Keep the following requirements in mind:
    • In replication scenarios where a destination cluster has multiple source clusters, all the source clusters must either be secure or insecure. Replication Manager does not support replication from a mixture of secure and insecure source clusters.
    • The destination cluster must run Cloudera Manager 7.x or higher.
    • The source cluster must run a compatible Cloudera Manager version.
    • This replication scenario requires additional configuration.

Hive - Managed tables from the source, after the replication process is completed are translated as External tables.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)- You can use TLS with Replication Manager. Additionally, Replication Manager supports scenarios where TLS is enabled for non-Hadoop services (Hive/Impala) and TLS is disabled Hadoop services (such as HDFS,YARN, and MapReduce).

Cloud Storage - Replication Manager supports replicating to or from Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure ADLS Gen1, and Microsoft Azure ADLS Gen2 (ABFS).

Scenarios that are not supported

Versions - Replicating to or from Cloudera Manager 6 managed clusters with Cloudera Manager versions earlier than 5.14.0 are not supported.

Hive Replication- Replication Manager does not support Managed to Managed table replication. It translates the Managed table from the source clusters to the CDP-DC cluster as an External table. Replication Manager stores the replicated table as an External table.

Kerberos - When Kerberos authentication is used on a cluster, replication from a secure source to an insecure destination is not supported.

Ranger- Ranger to Ranger replication is not supported.