CDP overview

Understand the overview and advantages of CDP.

CDP overview

CDP is one platform with two form factors:
CDP is an easy, fast, and secure enterprise analytics and management platform with the following capabilities:
  • Enables ingesting, managing, and delivering of any analytics workload from Edge to AI
  • Provides enterprise grade security and governance
  • Provides self-service access to integrated, multi-function analytics on centrally managed and secured business data
  • Provides a consistent experience on Public Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Private Cloud deployments

CDP powers data-driven decision making by easily, quickly, and safely connecting and securing the entire data lifecycle. For this, data moves through a lifecycle in five distinct phases.

CDP gives you complete visibility into all your data with no blindspots. The CDP control plane allows you to manage the data, infrastructure, analytics, and analytic workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments all with cloudera shared experience or SDX providing consistent security and governance across the entire data lifecycle. You can manage and secure the data lifecycle in any cloud and data center with CDP.

CDP enables you to:
  • Automatically spin up workloads when needed and suspend their operation when complete thereby controlling the cloud costs
  • Optimize workloads based on analytics and machine learning
  • View data lineage across any cloud and transient clusters
  • Use a single pane of glass across hybrid and multi-clouds
  • Scale to petabytes of data and 1,000s of diverse users
  • Centrally control customer and operational data across multi-cloud and hybrid environments