CDP Private Cloud

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud is the newest on-premise offering of CDP that brings many of the benefits of the public cloud deployments to the on-premise CDP deployments.

CDP Private Cloud provides a disaggregation of compute and storage, and allows independent scaling of compute and storage clusters. Through the use of containerized applications deployed on Kubernetes, CDP Private Cloud brings both agility and predictable performance to analytic applications. CDP Private Cloud gets unified security, governance, and metadata management through Cloudera Shared Data Experience (SDX), which is available on a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster.

CDP Private Cloud users can rapidly provision and deploy Cloudera Data Warehousing and Cloudera Machine Learning services through the Management Console, and easily scale them up or down as required.

A CDP Private Cloud deployment requires you to have a Private Cloud Base cluster and a RedHat OpenShift Kubernetes cluster. The OpenShift cluster is set up on a Bare Metal deployment. The Private Cloud deployment process involves configuring Management Console on the OpenShift cluster, registering an environment by providing details of the Data Lake configured on the Base cluster, and then creating the workloads.

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