CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.5 Release Summary

Cloudera is pleased to announce the release of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud (PvC) Base version 7.1.5. CDP PvC Base 7.1.5 is a cumulative maintenance release carrying forward all features and functions from versions 7.1.4 and earlier, and adds the following features:


  • FIPS 140-2 Compliance support for all core components

  • Ranger support for having Hive table access policies override HDFS ACLs for the table’s corresponding HDFS files and directories. This brings parity to users of CDH’s Sentry ACLSync feature.

  • Auto Queue Creation is now supported by YARN when Hive impersonation is turned off.

  • Replication support for Atlas metadata and Ranger policies for Hive databases (Tech Preview)

  • Extended audits for Atlas operations. Atlas actions including changes to type definitions, admin-level operations like imports and exports, and Atlas server state changes are now captured by Atlas audit. For more information, see Audit Operations.

  • Ownership for all new tables created are automatically owned by the user creating them in Apache Kudu.

  • Bloom filter column predicate pushdown implementation in Apache Kudu allows for optimized execution of filters which match on a set of column values with a false-positive rate and increases Impala query performance using Bloom filter by 19 to 30% and 41% for distributed joins when tested with TPC-H benchmarks.

  • IGNORE operations are supported in Apache Kudu by a master server feature flag that allows clusters to turn on support for ignore operations. IGNORE operations are supported in Kudu Spark integration as well.

  • Rebased Cloudera Manager to 7.2.4 with the following features:

    • Support for pluggable authentication modules (PAM)

    • Support for non-JKS keystore if needed to meet compliance requirements

    • Support for Postgresql JDBC driver version 42.2.14.jre7

    • Upgrade support for base clusters with attached 7.x compute clusters

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