Configuring a Ranger or Ranger KMS Database: Oracle

Prior to upgrading your cluster to CDP Private Cloud Base you must configure the Oracle database instance for Ranger by creating a Ranger database and user. Before you begin the transition, review the support policies of database and admin policy support for transactions.

A supported version of Oracle must be running and available to be used by Ranger.

  1. On the Ranger host, install the appropriate JDBC .jar file.
    1. Download the Oracle JDBC (OJDBC) driver from
      • For Oracle Database 12c: select Oracle Database 12c Release 2 driver > ojdbc8.jar.
    2. Copy the .jar file to the Java share directory.
      cp ojdbc8- /usr/share/java/ 
      Make sure the .jar file has the appropriate permissions. For example:
      chmod 644 /usr/share/java/ojdbc8-
  2. Log in to the host where the Oracle database is running and launch Oracle sqlplus:
    sqlplus sys/root as sysdba
  3. Create the Ranger database and user. Run the following commands:
    # sqlplus sys/root as sysdba
    CREATE USER rangeradmin IDENTIFIED BY rangeradmin; 
    GRANT CONNECT, RESOURCE TO rangeradmin; 
Continue installing or upgrading your cluster.