Changes to CDH Hive Tables

The location of existing tables after a CDH to CDP upgrade does not change. Upgrading CDH to CDP Private Cloud Base converts Hive managed tables to external tables in Hive 3.

When the upgrade process converts a managed table to external, it sets the table property external.table.purge set to true. The table is equivalent to a managed tables having purge set to true in your old CDH cluster.

Managed tables on the HDFS in /user/hive/warehouse before the upgrade remain there after the conversion to external. The upgrade process sets the hive.metastore.warehouse.dir property to this location, designating it the Hive warehouse location. New tables that you create in CDP are stored in the Hive warehouse you designate.

Tables that were external before the upgrade are not relocated. You need to set HDFS policies to access external tables in Ranger, or set up HDFS ACLs (see link below).

You can change the location of the warehouse using the Hive Metastore Action menu in Cloudera Manager.
  • Hive > Action Menu > Create Hive Warehouse Directory
  • Hive > Action Menu > Create Hive Warehouse External Directory