Apache Hadoop YARN default value changes

A list of default value changes when upgrading from CDH to CDP.

  • Scheduler: In CDP, Capacity Scheduler is the supported and default scheduler. For more information about scheduler migration and post-upgrade fine tuning, see Manual configuration of scheduler properties.
  • YARN and MapReduce daemons: YARN daemons (ResourceManager, NodeManager) and MapReduce daemon (JobHistory Server) runs with unix group hadoop instead of yarn:yarn and mapred:mapred.
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing: CORS is enabled for every role by default.
  • YARN admin commands: YARN admin commands can be run only as yarn user by default.
  • ResourceManager recovery: ResourceManager recovery is enabled by default.
  • filter-entity-list-by-user: Enabled by default, meaning that users can see only those applications on the UI which they have access to.
  • Log aggregation: IFile is the default file controller.
  • mapreduce.shuffle.connection-keep-alive.enabled: Set to true by default because Auto TLS requires it.
  • yarn.admin.acl: If the yarn.admin.acl property is not configured before the upgrade, its default value is changed from * to yarn.