Manually deploy Knox topology

The AM2CM tool does not migrate the Knox topologies automatically. You must manually deploy the knox topologies after migration..

Reference topology name is topology_1.xml.
  1. Take backup of knox topology file topology_1.xml under /tmp
  2. Migrate to the CDP Private Cloud Base cluster
  3. To convert the Knox topology into the provider and descriptor file formats, run the following command: /usr/hdp/ convert-topology --path /tmp/topology_1.xml --provider-name topology_1-provider.json --descriptor-name topology_1-descriptor.json
    This generates files in the /etc/knox/ and /etc/knox/
  4. Copy the provider file from /etc/knox/ to /var/lib/knox/gateway/conf/shared-providers
  5. Give permissions to the copied provider file chown knox:hadoop topology_1-provider.json
  6. Copy the descriptor file from /etc/knox/ to /var/lib/knox/gateway/conf/descriptors
  7. Give permissions to the copied descriptor file chown knox:hadoop topology_1.json
    This generates knox topology file with configured descriptor name as topology_1.xml under the /var/lib/knox/gateway/conf/topologies directory.