Preparing HDP Search for upgrade

If your deployment includes HDP Search, there are steps you need to take before transitioning your cluster to CDP Private Cloud Base.

Cloudera provides a script to transition HDP Search 2 and 3 configurations to make them compatible with Solr 8 that is shipped with Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher. To run this script, you first need to download configuration metadata from your HDP Search instance and copy it to an interim CDP cluster that is running the Solr service. You can then use the same cluster to validate and test the migrated configuration metadata. Do not perform these tasks on a production cluster, during an actual HDP to CDP upgrade, because the process is time consuming and may require fixing incompatibilities manually.

The migration script cannot upgrade the Lucene index files. After upgrading, you must reindex your collections. For more information, see Reindexing in Solr in the Apache Solr wiki.

HDP Search to Cloudera Search transition process

  1. Deploy an interim CDP cluster with Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 or higher. Start a Solr service.
  2. Download the HDP Search configuration and copy it to the interim CDP cluster.
  3. Transition the HDP Search configuration using the interim cluster.
  4. Validate the transitioned configuration, using the interim cluster.
  5. Test the transitioned configuration, using the interim cluster.
  6. Upgrade HDP to Cloudera Runtime 7.1.x.
  7. Perform Search post-HDP-upgrade tasks.