Installing the Oracle JDBC Connector

You must install the JDBC connector on the Cloudera Manager Server host and any other hosts that use a database.

  1. Download the Oracle JDBC Driver from the Oracle website. For example, the version 6 JAR file is named ojdbc6.jar.

    For more information about supported Java versions, see Java Requirements.

    To download the JDBC driver, visit the Oracle JDBC and UCP Downloads page, and click on the link for your Oracle Database version. Download the ojdbc6.jar file (or ojdbc8.jar, for Oracle Database 12.2).

  2. Copy the Oracle JDBC JAR file to /usr/share/java/oracle-connector-java.jar. The Cloudera Manager databases and the Hive Mestastore database use this shared file. For example:
    sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/java
    sudo cp /tmp/ojdbc8- /usr/share/java/oracle-connector-java.jar
    sudo chmod 644 /usr/share/java/oracle-connector-java.jar