Adding a ReadyFlow to the Catalog

ReadyFlows are out-of-the-box flow definitions designed to help you get started with Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) quickly and easyily. For the Business Intelligence at Scale pattern, select the "Kafka to S3 Avro" ReadyFlow definition.

To get started with the data ingest portion of your Business Intelligence at Scale pattern, start by adding the necessary data flows to your CDF Catalog. You must add a custom NiFi data flow (in JSON format) which is available in your pattern artifacts downloads package, and the Kafka to S3 Avro ReadyFlow to your CDF Catalog. The custom NiFi data flow moves data from your streaming data source into the Kafka topics that you have created. The Kafka to S3 Avro ReadyFlow moves data from Kafka into an AWS S3 bucket so that it can be consumed by Cloudera Data Engineering.

  1. From the ReadyFlow Gallery page, identify the ReadyFlow you want use.
  2. Review the ReadyFlow details by clicking View Details.
  3. Click Add To Catalog to add the ReadyFlow into the CDF Catalog and make it ready for deployment.
  4. Click Add to confirm that you want to add the ReadyFlow to the Catalog.
The ReadyFlow is added to the CDF Catalog and is ready for deployment.
Import the custom NiFi data flow.