Giving access to Data Engineering users

Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) restricts access to importing and running Spark jobs. An "EnvironmentAdmin" must grant both "DEUser" and "EnvironmentUser" roles to users so that they can run Spark jobs in CDE and access the Data Hub clusters for data engineering.

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface.
  2. Go to Management Console > Environments.
  3. Select the environment in which you want a user or group to import and run Spark jobs.
  4. Go to Actions > Manage Access.
    The Environment Access page is displayed.
  5. Find the user or group using Search and click Update Roles.
  6. Select the DEUser and EnvironmentUser options and click Update Roles.
  7. Go to the Environments page.
  8. Click Actions > Synchronize Users to FreeIPA.
    Depending on how many users have access to the environment, this synchronization process can take a few seconds or a few minutes.