CDP Public Cloud Preview Features

The information in these pages is released as part of a preview for the features described. Access to preview features is provided upon request to customers for trial and evaluation. The components are provided ‘as is’ without warranty or support. Further, Cloudera assumes no liability for the use of preview components, which should be used by customers at their own risk. Please contact your Cloudera account team to have a preview feature enabled in your CDP account.

Management Console

New CDP Role Based Authorization Model
published: 2021-04-02; modified: 2021-04-02
CDP introduces a new role-based authorization model with new and changed account roles and resource roles. The documentation explains the new model and provides migration steps from the old model to the new model.
Workload Password Policies
published: 2021-04-27; modified: 2021-06-03
In order to bring your workload password complexity requirements in line with company policy, you can manage your FreeIPA password policies via CDP CLI.
Customer Managed Keys for Azure Managed Disks
published: 2021-05-13; modified: 2021-05-13
By default, local disks attached to Azure VMs are encrypted with server-side encryption (SSE) using Platform Managed Keys (PMK). This feature introduces CDP support for SSE with Customer Managed Keys (CMK) for Data Hub.
Minimal AWS Cross Account Policy for Data Lake and Data Hub
published: 2021-05-27; modified: 2021-06-03
If you are planning to only run Data Hub in your CDP environment, you don’t need all the actions in the default cross account role provided on the create credential UI and in the provisioning credential documentation. Using a significantly reduced cross account policy is possible as an alternative.
Data Lake Upgrade
published: 2021-06-03; modified: 2021-06-03
When new versions of Cloudera Runtime/Cloudera Manager are available for the Data Lake service, you can initiate a Data Lake upgrade. You may also have the option to upgrade to a new OS image.
Fine-grained Access Control for Amazon S3
published: 2021-06-15; modified: 2021-06-15
Ranger Authorization Service (RAZ) addresses the challenges of managing data access across teams and individual users that the CDP Public Cloud default use of cloud storage presents. Ranger Authorization Service provides fine-grained access control and audit capabilities that Apache Ranger users enjoyed with HDFS files in an on-prem or IaaS deployment. Ranger Authorization Service enables Ranger's rich access control policies to be applied with CDP's access to S3 buckets, directories, and files and can be controlled with admin-level access to CDP alone when enabled in an AWS CDP Public Cloud environment.

Data Warehouse

Add Access to External S3 Buckets for CDW Clusters on AWS
published: 2021-05-12; modified: 2021-05-25
Learn how to use the CDW UI to add access to external S3 buckets for CDW environments that run on AWS.
Specifying Custom Environment Names in Cloudera Data Warehouse
published: 2021-04-14; modified: 2021-04-14
Learn how to set custom environment names for your AWS or Azure cloud resources in CDW.
Enable SSO for JDBC/ODBC Connections to Virtual Warehouses
published: 2021-05-21; modified: 2021-05-25
Enable single sign-on (SSO) for third-party BI tool connections to Virtual Warehouses that use JDBC and ODBC.
Hue: The Next Generation SQL Assistant for Hive in CDW
published: 2021-06-02; modified: 2021-06-02
The one-stop SQL assistant for Hive/LLAP workloads in CDW with combined capabilities of Data Analytics Studio (DAS) and Hue.
Enabling Multi-tenancy in Cloudera Data Warehouse
published: 2021-06-02; modified: 2021-06-02
Achieve tenant isolation by creating a multi-tenant environment in CDW.
Configure Impala Virtual Warehouses on AWS Environments to Spill to S3
published: 2021-06-14; modified: 2021-06-14
Impala Virtual Warehouses on AWS environments can now be configured to write temporary data (spill) to S3 by specifying the S3 URI when you are creating the Virtual Warehouse.


Send a Diagnostic Bundle to Cloudera Support
published: 2021-04-19; modified: 2021-05-03
CDP introduces a new UI option allowing to trigger diagnostic bundle collection for your CDP environment in order to send logs to Cloudera Support for support case resolution. Only Data Lake, FreeIPA, Data Hub, and Operational Database logs are currently included in the diagnostic bundle. Other CDP services are not supported.