DHCP option set

Recommended DHCP Option Set configurations for CDP Public Cloud for AWS.

  • Ensure the DHCP Option Set has the DNS Server set to AmazonProvidedDNS. This is required for EFS (see Mounting on Amazon EC2 with a DNS name) and EKS (see Amazon EKS cluster endpoint access control ).
  • Customers may choose to use their own DNS servers from their corporate network in the DHCP option set. However, the DNS servers need to be configured to conditionally forward DNS queries for the Amazon subdomains to Amazon Provided DNS resolver in the VPC. This also helps ensure the CDP connectivity to AWS services. If the CDP data services do not allow activation with the custom DNS servers, please contact Cloudera support to get the relevant entitlements added.
  • Ensure the DHCP Option Set associated with the VPC has only one domain and it is recommended that it remains default.