Additional rules for AKS-based workloads

At the time of enabling a CDP data service, the CDP admin can specify a list of CIDR ranges that will be used in allowing the incoming traffic to the workload Load Balancer.

This list of CIDR ranges should correspond to the address ranges from which the CDP data service workloads will be accessed. In a VPN peered VNet, this would also include address ranges from customer’s on-prem network. In a fully private network setup, implies access only within the VNet and the peered VPN network which is still restrictive.

CDW data service currently supports fully private AKS clusters, which means the Kubernetes API server will have a private IP address. CML uses a public endpoint by default for all AKS cluster control planes. It is highly recommended to provide a list of outbound public CIDR ranges at the time of provisioning a data service to restrict access to the AKS clusters. In addition, the data service adds CDP public CIDR range to allow access between workloads and CDP Control Plane. An example configuration section for a data service looks like below:

Specific guidelines for restricting access to Kubernetes API server and workloads are detailed in Restricting access for CDP services that create their own security groups on Azure by each data service.

Within the AKS cluster, security groups are defined to facilitate AKS control plane-pod communication, inter-pod and inter-worker node communication as well as workload communication through Load Balancers.