Verifying HDFS data migration

Post-migration process, you must check if the migration process is completed successfully by verifying the data on the AWS S3 endpoint.

There are two ways to verify the HDFS data replication:

  1. Verification from Replication Manager App.

    Once the replication policy is created and scheduled, go to CDP public cloud -> choose replication manager -> click Replication Policies on the left pane.

    You can view the number of replication policies that was created and the replication jobs status as seen from the following image:

    The green check mark indicates successful replication jobs. The red escalation mark indicates the failed replication jobs.

  2. Verifying from the AWS S3 Console.

    Log into AWS S3 > click Buckets on left pane -> search the bucket name in the search box of right pane.

    After accessing the target bucket, search the path name where the HDFS data is migrated. View if the HDFS data in source CDH cluster is replicated in the target S3 bucket path