Impala configuration differences in CDH and CDP

There are some configuration differences related to Impala in CDH and CDP. These differences are due to the changes made in CDP for the optimal interoperability between Hive and Impala and an improved user experience.

Review the changes before you migrate your Impala workload from CDH to CDP.
  • Config changes:This document describes the default value changes and new configurations between CDH and CDP.

  • Default File Formats: This document describes the change in default file format of the table in CDP and the steps to switch back to CDH behavior.

  • Reconnect to HS2 Session: This document describes the behavior change in CDP for client connection to Impala and HS2.

  • Automatic Row Count Estimation: This document describes the new default behavior in CDP for calculating statistics of the table and the property to switch back to CDH behavior.

  • Using Reserved Words in SQL Queries:CDP follows ANSI SQL compliance, in which reserved words in SQL queries are rejected. This document provides details about reserved keywords and the method to use them.

  • Other Miscellaneous Changes in Impala:This document describes other miscellaneous changes related to Impala Syntax and services that affect Impala during migration.