Diagnostic bundle content

This topic summarizes the content of a diagnostic bundle.

The following information is included in a diagnostic bundle:

  • Cluster details required to identify the bundle (account ID, cluster CRN, cluster type, and so on)
  • Redacted service and system logs
  • Web server configuration from the salt master node (nginx)
  • An HTML report including:
    • The result of running a number of system-level commands on each host
    • Network endpoint accessibility for outbound network traffic requirements
    • Health details about the required infra services
  • When triggering diagnostic bundle collection via CDP CLI, you may specify additional logs that are not part of the default log collection to be collected in the diagnostic bundle.

The information is collected from all running nodes of your cluster (Data Lake, FreeIPA, or Data Hub). It is not collected from nodes that are not running, such as nodes that are currently being provisioned or stopped or deleted nodes.