Using HDFS replication policies

You can use the HDFS replication policies in CDP Public Cloud Replication Manager to replicate HDFS data. You can replicate HDFS data from a classic cluster (CDH cluster or CDP Private Cloud Base cluster) to cloud storage, and from cloud storage to classic clusters (CDH or CDP Private Cloud Base clusters). To use an on-premises cluster (CDH or CDP Private Cloud Base cluster) in the replication policy, you must register it as a classic cluster in the Management Console. To use the cloud storage for data replication, you must register the cloud credentials in Replication Manager so that the Replication Manager service can access the cloud storage.

To replicate HDFS data, you must register on-premises clusters, register cloud credentials in Replication Manager, verify cluster access, and configure minimum ports for replication.

You can also use CDP CLI commands to create HDFS replication policies. The CDP CLI commands for Replication Manager are under the replicationmanager CDP CLI option. For more information, see CDP CLI for Replication Manager.