Step 0) Verify AWS cloud platform prerequisites

Before getting started with the AWS onboarding quick start, review and acknowledge the following:

  • This AWS onboarding quick start is intended for simple CDP evaluation deployments only. It may not work for scenarios where AWS resources such as VPC, security group, storage accounts, and so on, are pre-created or AWS accounts have restrictions in place.
  • Users running the AWS onboarding quick start should have:
    • AWS Administrator permissions on the AWS account that you would like to use for CDP.
    • Rights to create AWS resources required by CDP. See list of AWS resources used by CDP.
    • CDP Admin role or Power User role in CDP subscription.
  • This AWS onboarding quick start uses a CloudFormation template that automatically creates the required resources such as buckets, IAM roles and policies, and so on.
  • CDP Public Cloud relies on several AWS services that should be available and enabled in your region of choice. Verify if you have enough quota for each AWS service to set up CDP in your AWS account. See list of AWS resources used by CDP.

If you have more complex requirements than those listed here, contact Cloudera Sales Team to help you with the CDP onboarding.