Option 1: CDP creates the VPCs and subnets

If you would like CDP to create a new VPC, you will need to specify a /16 CIDR in IPv4 range that will be used to define the range of private IPs for VM instances provisioned into these subnets. The default is

By default CDP creates 6 subnets (3 private and 3 public) and divides the address space as follows:

  • 3 x /19 private subnets for FreeIPA, Data Lake, Data Hub, Data Warehouse, Machine Learning.
  • 3 x /24 public subnets reserved for future use.
  • CDP creates an internet gateway for your VPC and deploys a NAT gateway in each public subnet and configures it in the route table of each private subnet.
  • All the resources created in the VPC are assigned with relevant tags (like ‘kubernetes.io/role/internal-elb:1’ for private subnets and ‘kubernetes.io/role/elb:1’ for public subnets).